After af full  day, I looked at the clock in my office and I saw it was already 6:18 pm. Time to stop working on my IRS and get dinner ready for the family. I have been gathering all the information to send to my accountant since February -it is not that is so complicated,  the problem is that I keep having to run errands all day long and I dont seem to have two complete hours to concentrate enough to get the data ready  to send- I am lucky I can ask for extensions so I still have several weeks to file it. What is funny about the IRS is that every year I make the resolution of organizing myself better to make the filling easier than the year before, but just as my new year’s resolutions……they dont last to much.

As I go to the kitchen to fix dinner I start to think of the complicated task, what to prepare……. It will have to be something that everyone likes, something made from scratch, a new and different salad so it’s easier to convince the young ones to eat, and  finally what will it be: chicken, meat, fish……..The making of this food should not take anymore than 40 minutes or else I will be late for my dancing class. Oh and another condition is not to make a big mess because I like my kitchen looking as the first day I moved into my new house: like new.

At this point I sit for a minute and start dreaming of being the Bewitched with her magical powers.  If I had the magical powers, I’d  … I’d oh my gosh I do not even know what I would do…. The problem here is how I really dont have the time to dream of what I would do with my magical powers…I could think of what to do for my kids in a second, for my husband, for my parents, sister, brother and so on….. But not for me! Oh well It’s getting late and I have to make dinner I’ll leave my dreams for later once again.


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