Back to The Future in Ipanema

I was walking into a decoration store in Ipanema to find out the price of a beautifly framed picture of a small French town. As soon as I entered the store, the smell took me back at least 30 years to my grandmothers home. The sales woman kindly wanted to help me, but I could not stop thinking of how my grandma was such a beautiful part of my life and how warm and safe the feeling of having her made me feel. I felt the need to hold on to that smell and moment for the longest possible, because once I left the store I would be back to my reality, which grandma did not make part anymore. I started walking slowly through the store and taking the time to inhale bits of the perfume for as long as possible. It was like I was simply enjoying my grandma’s company for just a little longer.

As I came out of the store I,  I was surprised of how old pictures and old friends  were taking my mind so so far away and how good it all made me feel. I learned that day from my grandma that I should stop every once in a while to remember my old times. That my life as a child and when I was growing up somehow make a support system that sometimes I look for in other things to help me cope with my life.

Now I listen to old songs that take me back, look at old pictures, find old recipies and ask my Mom to tell me old stories and even looked for old friends in Facebook. I spend hours looking back and wondering what my life could have been like If hadn´t come so so far away from all that. There’s a feeling o curiosity and  well being when I just take the time to get into my time machine and travel to anytime I want. Since traveling with my time machine has turned out so simple, my life today seems to be easier to handle no matter what problems I am dealing with.

There’ just one thing I have to say here before I finish this: thank you grandma wherever you are.