Food coming out of a Hat

As time goes by, our buddies start demanding more care and food is one of the the important issues we should be careful with. So one morning I get up and I tell my husband that I had decided that from next day on, I would sleep in the guest room because I was having a hard time sleeping with his snoring. He looked at me in a defensive way and said that he was not snoring any more or less than before. At this point in life we had just moved to Brazil and we were living in Rio de Janeiro. We lived in a beautiful apartment in front of the lagoon – Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas – and on one corner of the view there was the famous Christ Redeemer – Cristo Redentor.

I tell you, life has taken me to far far away places and I’ve seem beautiful places, but Rio is a stunning city. I am thankful because I have seen a lot of different ways of living, diferent people and diferent and delicious food all over.

Oh ok – back to what I was saying, of all the places I have seen, Rio de Janeiro is by far the most stunning city. So in my intention to fit into the way of living of Rio de Janeiro, we rented this wonderful apartment but there was a lot of noise at night and I was having a hard time with my husband’s snoring problem and the noise that came from the street was driving me crazy. So I set up an appointment with a doctor to see my husband and he comes back with the diagnostic of pre-diabetes. I was scared then. So we need it to go on a strict diet and sugars were forbidden, carbs were almost gone and so forth.

I called this friend of mine who is from Rio and ask her where they had special products for diabetics and she said that in Rio there was no a specific place to buy these things, so I started the difficult task of home-made desserts for my husband. Buying good quality or just anything out of the ordinary is an impossible task. I had my friend who lived all her life in Rio as my reference for whatever I needed it until one time when I wanted to make a paella and I was looking for mussels on the shell to buy, and she said: “Why do you insist on eating strange foods?”

That was the last time I called her and after that I realized that people from Rio do not care about good food. They will eat almost anywhere as long as it is easy to reach. They don’t crave for something they ate a long time ago, or would want to try a new recipe. So after having all these issues with food living here in Rio I simply say that locals will eat anything that could come out of a hat.