Becoming a Proud Witness


When I started having my children, I dreamed about taking the best care of them and somehow shaping them  into my idea of what the best human been would be. As time went by, I realized how the little ones already come with the main traces of their personalities. We actually adapt to the little ones and all of their characteristics. No matter what they are, we love them unconditionally and we keep taking them everyday through every step they need to take.

Today my kids are grown up and taking their first steps into adulthood life. I am also older and more comfortable with my own self and cherish their way of being with complete joy every step of the way.

Today for the second time I became a Proud Witness of  my kids taking their steps into adulthood. I say proud because I really feel joy, happiness, enjoyment, emotion and a certain relief to see them walking into the future. By becoming a witness I know for sure they will be ready to face and fight for they dreams.

The first experience of being a Proud Witness was when I took my daughter to start her life in a far away place to study to become a journalist. I felt worried to leave her, but somehow I new It was her path to start her life as an adult. At the time, memories came to let me know and acknowledge that once she was mine and dependent of me. I soon put myself in the position of the Proud  Witness to let her walk into her new life.

Today I took my youngest one to start his engineering school and, boy, it was the second time I was a Proud Witness. I can only say this is the best feeling in the whole world.

I came home and started to imagine that soon, maybe sooner than I think I would have to rethink my life. I promised myself back when I was pregnant with my daughter that I would not put my life on hold just because I was becoming a Mom. Surprisingly, I forgot untill today that I was supposed to have my own life.

The great news is that I get a second chance to become whatever I want once again. Thank you kids, for teaching me that love is all in life, that taking care of others fills you up so much that when ready to plan for your life again, you feel more energy and more joy that when you had to decide what to be in your late teens.